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Microsoft seeks a balance between updates and growth of Windows Phone

oe Belfiore and Jessica Alba Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 is a new platform. Launched in October 2012, the Microsoft’s OS has been criticized for the lack of new updates. The first major update GDR2 is rolling out at the moment while GDR3 is expected in the fall. However, it seems that many owners of Windows Phone devices are not quite happy about the lack of some key features and apps. Basically, the mobile platform has not changed much since its introduction.

Some of the people use the Microsoft’s support forums to discuss popular topics or just to complain. One particular thread titled “We need Microsoft to listen to our ideas and DO something” generated a lot of comments and votes, so Windows Phone leader Joe Belfiore stepped in to make a rare forum post.

He commented the topic saying that Microsoft is here and listens the users, but his company needs to balance between making the existing devices better and sell new devices to a broader audience. Microsoft is focused on growing its mobile platform and it does make sense. Having a large user base of developers will definitely have a strong positive impact on the ecosystem.

According to Joe Belfiore, Microsoft has put a lot of efforts in the GDR2 update. He hopes that Windows Phone will keep growing in size as Microsoft puts more efforts to improve the user experience, adding new apps and features. Windows Phone’s leader promises more updates next year.

Source: Windows Phone forums