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Microsoft ruling out the possibility of full Windows 10 on smartphones

Surface Phone concept

The next mobile efforts will include Windows 10 Mobile with CShell

Many users believed that Microsoft would abandon Windows 10 Mobile for future phone-class devices, replacing it with full Windows 10 on ARM. But that’s not the case, according to Joe Belfiore from Microsoft. Responding to a question (source: Windows Central) whether or not the current phones like the Lumia 950 will be updated to full Windows 10, he explained that Windows 10 on ARM has not been developed for such type of devices.

Joe Belfiore further explains that Windows 10 on ARM-based Qualcomm processors was designed for laptop-like devices, delivering connectivity on the go and a greater battery life compared with laptops with traditional, non-mobile-class processors.

Smartphone-like experiences will continue to be delivered through Windows 10 Mobile, according to Microsoft. So, basically Microsoft rules out the possibility of full Windows 10 on phone, at least for now.

We already reported about a new phone-like device under development with a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile and Composable Shell. CShell is expected to play a major role in Microsoft’s next attempt at mobile, bringing desktop-like experiences to future phones, including the ability to run win32 apps from the Store.

Microsoft is expected to announce a new mobile device sometime in early 2018. It may be a non-conventional device, not resembling to the existing phones we currently know. The company was awarded several patents for foldable mobile devices that could be ideal for showcasing the new adaptable Windows shell.