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Microsoft reports over 12 million Lumia 520 activations

Lumia 520 backside and camera
Windows Phone Area

Finally Microsoft released official data about the sales rate of one of the Windows Phones – Lumia 520. The number of its owners exceeded 12 million.

Some rumors and unofficial information suggested that Lumia 520 and 521 are among the most successful phones by Microsoft due to the large numbers of orders and activations. But the activation numbers revealed by Kevin Turner – chief operating officer at Microsoft – gave us notion of how numerous the sales were.

Turner defines the Nokia Lumia 520 as the best phone in terms of price and quality in its class. Now it is being sold as a first party hardware device due to Microsoft taking control of Nokia devices and services later this year.

According to recent rumors, Lumia 520 will have its successor soon. It will probably be called Lumia 530. The device which is being developed recently got approval from the PCC.

What is your opinion about the success of the 520 and what are your expectations about the 530?