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Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music app to Groove

Groove Music

The Xbox Music app in Windows 10 becomes Groove

With Windows 10 Preview Builds for PC and Phones, Microsoft dropped the Xbox branding from its Music and Video apps. Today the company has announced that the music app has been renamed to “Groove”, while Xbox Video becomes “Movies & TV”.

The name change will first affect all PC users running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds and the new version of the app will be rolled out through the Store Beta this week as a regular update. Other devices like phones and tablets will see the change a bit later, again via an update from the Store.

welcome groove

With Groove Music and Windows 10, Microsoft aims to offer a new, intuitive way to feel the music. According to the official Groove info page, the app will include easy to use, intuitive menus, dark or light themes, different views, the ability to play music from the OneDrive cloud, stream & download music from Windows Store, and more. In addition to the music app, Microsoft also rebrands the Video app to Movies & TV. It will include personal collections and access to TV & movie downloads.

Read more info on Groove* music app here.

*There is an existing music player app called Groove, which has nothing common with Microsoft Groove for Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft