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Microsoft patents a device with two displays and flexible hinges

hinged device
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New patent may reveal the ultimate mobile device

A newly-discovered Microsoft patent indicates that the company is actively exploring new form factors in its possible attempts to create the ‘Ultimate mobile device’. Patent number WO/2017/087345 granted on 26.05.2017, first found by WinCentral, describes a computing device that has hinged portions with two displays. The hinged device can be used as a smartphone when folded, or as a tablet when expanded to a fully open orientation.

Interestingly, the patent mentions a possible combination of graphical user interfaces depending on the orientation of the device:

Another example can include any combination of the above and/or below examples where the device further includes a processor that generates a single graphical user interface for collective presentation across the displays when the device is in the fully open angular orientation and separate graphical user interfaces when the device is in other orientations.

hinged device

The description hints about improved Continuum features for the future generation of mobile /hybrid devices. Microsoft already made clear that there won’t be traditional Windows smartphones, and the company will create ‘the ultimate mobile device’. Such a device may be able to run Win32 apps from the Store when used as a tablet or connected to an external screen, and act as a smartphone when folded.

hinged device

Source: wipo