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Microsoft makes its iOS-Windows bridge tool open source

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  • On August 7, 2015

Windows Bridge for iOS is now available for developers

In April this year, Microsoft announced that iOS and Android developers would be able to use their existing app codes to build Windows 10 apps using special tools – bridges.

Today, the tool for porting iOS apps to Windows enters the preview phase and is available for interested parties on GitHub. Microsoft open sources this new tool to let the developers shape its future.

Using iOS Bridge, any developer can start creating Windows 10 apps for Desktop, while support for mobile phones will be added later this year. The software is in an early stage, so Microsoft hopes that the community will help with testing, reporting and commenting on code, features and functionalities.

Microsoft aims to make the iOS tool available broadly later in 2015, along with the Android Bridge, which will be limited to phone apps.

Source: Windows Blog