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Microsoft and Dropbox officially begin a partnership

Microsoft Office and Dropbox

Office / Dropbox integration and a Windows Phone app coming soon

Microsoft and Dropbox have announced that they will work together to integrate Dropbox and Office services across platforms and devices. Users’ files on Dropbox online storage can soon be edited with Word, Excel and Power Point and this will become a standard for the cloud service.

Although Microsoft’s OneDrive offers the same capabilities Redmond is trying to expand its presence on all platforms becoming a modern, open company. Dropbox will also update its current apps for iOS and Android and will finally launch a Windows Phone application in the coming months.

Users will be able to edit documents from the Cloud on their mobile phone in case the Office app is installed. All changes made in the files are automatically synced and saved to the Cloud. Microsoft will add a new option to its Office app for sharing through Dropbox.

lya Fushman from Dropbox says:

“It’s really about creating a deep connection between Dropbox and Office. We think this is a huge win for our users. We think this will result in the best possible experience for people trying to get work done, and trying to get work done on the go.” 

The customer base of Dropbox is growing and this could be a smart move from Microsoft. In addition to full integration between Office and Dropbox we will be happy to see an official app for Windows Phone platform. An unofficial client has been available for almost 2 years.