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Microsoft is developing a new web browser for phones and desktop

Windows 10 devices
  • On December 29, 2014

The light-weight browser codenamed Spartan to launch with Windows 10

One of the novelties Microsoft may unveil with Windows 10 at the upcoming January event is a brand new web browser codenamed ‘Spartan’. ZDNet reports that this new browser will be like the Microsoft’s version of Chrome.

Spartan will be based on Trident and Chakra Java engines. It will be light-weight and will support extensions, just like Chrome and Firefox. The new Windows browser will come pre-loaded along with Internet Explorer on Windows 10 for desktop, tablets and phones.

Spartan is just a codename and the browser may debut with another name when Windows 10 launches in the second half of 2015. Microsoft may show off some bits of Spartan (if not the finished version) on January 21 at the big Windows 10 event in Redmond. ZDNet is not able to confirm if Spartan will be part of the first Windows 10 consumer preview for desktop and mobile devices expected in early 2015.

Microsoft will discuss the Windows 10 consumer features at the January event, where we may also learn interesting news about upcoming hardware. An early build of Windows 10 for phones and tablets has appeared on a benchmark database and we hope the development process is going without issues so we can see the first consumer version of Windows 10 in Q1 2015.

Source: ZDNet