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Microsoft creates a collection of apps for the Surface Phone

Surface Phone
  • On December 19, 2017

More clues of the foldable Surface and the Andromeda ecosystem

The leaks and rumors about the foldable Surface have intensified at the of the year, suggesting that Microsoft could be announcing the successor to the Windows smartphone by mid-2018. After some new patents describing in details a foldable ‘hindged’ device with two screens, we can now see in the Microsoft App Store a placeholder collection for a phone-type device.

In the source code of the Store page, there is the number ‘8828080‘ which is the code Microsoft uses internally for both the new device family and Andromeda OS – the modular version of Windows 10 that adapts to the device type in real time. It’s believed that the Andromeda OS should debut with the Surface mobile device sometime in 2018, offering a foldable design with two OLED displays, USB Type C and Pen support.

Windows 10 on the Surface mobile device is likely to offer advanced Continuum features when connected to an external screen, such as support for Win32 apps downloadable from the Store. The OS will morph between mobile, tablet and desktop modes depending on the active screen/screens. The patents suggest that the device could also be used as a mini laptop with one of the screens projecting a virtual keyboard.

Here are some more design renders (credit: David Breyer) of the Surface Phone (Mini/Note/Journal) based on the patent revealed a few days ago: