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Microsoft claims GDR2 fixes the “Other Storage” issue

Internal Storage Windows Phone

The “Other Storage” issue is one of the major problems for those using the Windows Phone mobile platform. The “Other Storage” is a specific area of the phone storage that begins to fill up with undeletable temporary files while users have no control over the process. As a result, the phone’s internal storage is taken up. “Other Storage” is considered as a side effect of how the Windows Phone platform operates.

According to Windows Phone leader Joe Belfiore, GDR2 resolves the problem. He responds in a tweet:  “Don’t worry: non-deleted large files (XAPs, eg) that caused ‘other’ storage issues were fixed in GDR2. on all 1020s.”

Joe Belfiore Twitter post

However, WPCentral states that the problem is not solved, at least not completely. They have used the Nokia Lumia 1020 for a couple of days and note that the phone has 3.65 GB of “other storage”. This is 1 GB more than the Lumia 920 which has been used for months.

Some OEMs including Nokia have tried to resolve the problem developing their own clear memory apps. These apps delete temporary files and gain back some internal space, but they don’t cope with the “Other Storage” issue.

If you are one of those using Nokia Lumia 1020 or some other Windows Phone with GDR2, feel free to share your experience with us.

Source: Twitter