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Microsoft and Canon signed a patent agreement covering digital imaging

canon lens

Nokia’s PureView technology to benefit?

Microsoft announced a new cross licensing partnership with Canon covering different mobile services and products including patents connected with digital cameras and digital imaging. Under the new agreement, both technology giants will collaborate to bring exciting new technologies to final consumers. One of the implications of Canon’s expertise could be in improving Nokia’s PureView cameras, which would be a natural development after Microsoft bought Nokia’s hardware unit who created and grew PureView to the state that it is today.

The agreement covers products and services possessed by both companies but neither Canon nor Microsoft revealed more details on patent portfolios covered by the agreement. Hideki Sanatake, Canon’s leader says that both companies are committed to develop innovative technologies, which means we could have even better PureView cameras in the near future.

Nokia (now Microsoft) developed some of the best camera phones with Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 1020 / 930/ 1520 still among the top rated smartphone cameras to date.

via Microsoft