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Microsoft announces a Unified Update Platform for faster updates

GDR2 update brings problems to HTC 8X
  • On November 4, 2016

UUP to reduce the download size of future updates

With Windows 10 Built 14959 for phones, available for Insider Fast, Microsoft begins to apply a new update technology called UUP or Unified Update Platform. UUP will allow faster updates and smaller downloads, targeting both PC and Mobile users. UUP will be available for everyone once the platform comes out of the Insider rings and reaches all non-Insider devices with the Creators Update in early 2017.

UUP would allow Microsoft to roll out a download update package that includes only the changes made since the previous version. Microsoft calculates that PC users will see around 35% decrease in download size when moving from one branch to another. In addition, Microsoft has improved the update checks and reduced the time you need to wait.

For mobile phones, the two-stage updates are gone – the device will be updated to the latest build with no delay. Visual changes in the update process have not been made – you will download and install all updates as usual, but the whole process should take less time in the future.

As far as the new Insider build for PC and Mobile (ver.14959), you can read about all improvements and fixes at Microsoft’s post here. There are no major changes in this release, so you shouldn’t be too excited.