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Microsoft to announce new hardware and unified Windows 10 Store tomorrow?

Windows 10 next chapter January 21 2015

Mysterious phone-laptop hybrid may be under development

Along with a demonstration of Windows 10 features tomorrow, Microsoft may surprise us with new hardware and we believe it could be a high-end Lumia smartphone. The Information also reports that Redmond is working on a mysterious project, a smartphone/laptop hybrid, which could debut at a later stage. This hybrid device could target business customers with its large screen (more than 5 inches), slide-out landscape keyboard and a stand similar to the Surface Pro 3.

But of course, the main focus of the briefing tomorrow will be Windows 10 and the single code ecosystem with unified store connecting PC and mobile users and apps. With unified apps working across devices, Microsoft will try to lure more developers to make software as these future apps could technically work on a large number of devices (PCs, Phones, tablets, Xbox) without additional modifications in the code.

In addition, the report suggests that Microsoft may be presenting a brand new Office app for current Windows 8.1 and future Windows 10 users.

We also understand that the future mobile platform (for tablets and phones) could be called simply ‘Windows 10’ rather than Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Mobile 10 as suggested by earlier reports.

Tune in tomorrow (Jan 21) at 9AM Pacific Time (5.00PM London) for live video streaming of the press conference.

Source: The Information