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Meet myAppRank – a new tool for developers

myAppRank for Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone Area

We are pleased to announce the arrival of myAppRank app – the ultimate tool for Windows Phone developers.
MyAppRank gives you the opportunity to check where your app stands in the competitive Marketplace, in today’s day and age. MyAppRank service is similar to App Annie but we offer a free app and there isn’t any fee to check your competitor’s ranking. myAppRank is the first (and the only one) app for Windows Phone that allows you to check the rank history of your app. We are tracking all the top 300 apps in the overall segment of the Windows Phone Store and also category wise for the following countries since January 2014:

* Italy


* India

* Brazil

* Russia

* United Kingdom

* Mexico myAppRank app

Check the main great features:
-Find out your app rank in the Windows Phone store since January 2014
-Keep track of your app rating average update by update
-Keep track of tweets or buzz about your Windows Phone app
-Have a focus on your app competitors progress
Even if you’re not a developer, normal users too can use myAppRank to see what are the top apps for Windows Phone. And can see if they have missed out
any of the latest trends in the app world. Its a Win-Win for all. The attached images are some screenshots of the app, to give you an idea of what
myAppRank can offer.

Download Link

Massimo Caroli
myAppFree Team