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McAfee WebAdvisor launched in the Store as a Microsoft Edge extension

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Browse and search the web safely with McAfee WebAdvisor

More and more browser extensions appear in the Microsoft Store, and for just one year, most of the big developers have already released their products in the Store – Grammarly, for example. One of the new names in the list is McAfee WebAdvisor. The extension can be downloaded from [here].

Thanks to McAfee WebAdvisor, you could browse and search with Edge safely. All popular search engines are supported, and if the website is secure, you will see a green rating next to it. Yellow sites could be dangerous, so proceed with caution, while the red ratings mean that you must avoid clicking on the links.

McAfee WebAdvisor

The extension also acts as a web blocker for harmful websites, and if you accidentally open such a site, you will see a page with information about the potential risks it brings. McAfee works in real time, while you browse with Microsoft Edge, and without impacting the speed.

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