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On May 29, Windows 10 was the most popular desktop OS in North America and Northern Europe

top desktop oS May 2016

Windows 10’s market share is growing

Windows 10 has been on the market for less than a year, but the OS already surpassed both Windows XP and Windows 7 in the richest countries. StatCounter data for May 29 reveals that Windows 10 was the leading desktop OS in markets like North America, Northern Europe, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries.

Windows 10 had a share of 28.8% in the US and Canada combined, while Windows 7 had 28.7%. The third most popular operating system was OS X with 16%.

Windows 10 has also become very popular in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and other European countries.. For example, in Sweden, Windows 10 had the massive 36% share on May 29, compared with just 27.5% for Windows 7.


However, the global market share of Windows 10 is 23%, while Windows 7 is still King with 40%. With free upgrade ending in July and many interesting new devices with Windows 10 pre-installed, we expect the share of Windows 10 to grow further in the coming months, so the days of Windows 7 as a leader are counted.