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Math Hub for Windows 10 solves math problems with ease

Math Hub for Windows 10

New UWP app makes dealing with math easier

Looking around for cool new Universal Windows apps in the Store, I found this powerful math tool suitable for any person who deals with calculations on a daily basis.

Math Hub just came out of a closed Beta, but it’s working pretty well and receives regular updates with new features and improvements. The app has a Basic and a Pro version, both differing by the ads – the Pro version is ads-free.

With its minimalistic interface, Math Hub helps you solve over 80 types of math problems, all grouped into categories – basics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and formulas.

Math Hub for Windows 10

From the app description:

The app combines nice, user friendly minimalistic UI and many math algorithms – equations, various geometry tasks, simplifying roots and fractions, finding degrees and roots and many more – all of them are solved step by step.

Math Hub Pro features: – ads-free – over 85 types of math problems – nice and clean UI, inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design System – support and new features in the future – by buying the Pro version, you support the developer

In addition to the ability to solve math problems, the app has some other cool functionalities like ‘Randomizer’ and ‘Roll a Dice’.

Math Hub works on both Mobile and PC platforms. You can download the Basic version of the app for free from the Store, but if you want to get rid of ads and support the developer, the Pro version costs only $1.75.

Download Math Hub Basic (free)

Download Math Hub Pro ($1.75)