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Manage your files with File Explorer for Windows Phone

File Explorer for Windows Phone

We are sure that many Windows Phone users have been complaining about the lack of embedded file manager in the operating system. For those users File Explorer is a nice offer. It is free and has over 200, 000 users only in the Chinese market. File Explorer lets you manage easily files and folders on your Windows Phone device.

With the app you are able to view videos, photos, zip files, as well as eBooks, PDF documents, and Office documents. It has a picture browser, music and video players embedded so you can quickly play content directly through the app. As File Explorer supports Skydrive integration, you can manage also your files stored in the cloud. An advantage of File Explorer over the official Skydrive app is the ability to upload in the cloud SD card files.

File Explorer for Windows Phone screens

Other feature is that you are able to connect your phone, a computer and the cloud and transfer files between them. For this purpose the app supports WiFi file transfer. In order to transfer files you need to install the PC client of the app. To make the file management more secure, File Explorer supports an appropriate file encryption. You can download the app here.