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Lumia 850 and Intel-powered Surface Phone under development

Lumia 830 successor 850
Windows Phone Area

Microsoft is working on at least five new Windows Phones

The photo you see above shows a prototype device that could have become the Lumia 830 successor if Nokia was still making smartphones. After Microsoft bought the Nokia hardware business many devices were cancelled (such as Nokia McLaren) and this photo shows us one of the many prototypes with the Nokia logo.

Previous reports revealed info on three cancelled Lumia smartphonesHonjoa (Lumia 5xx), Guilin (7xx) and Saana (Lumia 8xx). Now Windows Central reports from their own sources that the third model (Saana) is still under development and may be released as Microsoft Lumia 850 in the first quarter of 2016.

Along with two high-end models and Lumia 850, the company may present a successor to the Lumia 640 – a prototype with the codename Saimaa.

The report also mentions a smartphone made of metal and powered by an Intel processor. This phone is rumored to be the first ever Surface Phone – a device that could possibly run full PC apps, becoming a real computer when connected to an external screen. The so-called Surface Phone is set to launch in Q2 2016.

The flagship models (Lumia 950 and 950 XL) will be announced in late September or early October 2015 at a special press conference.

Source: Windows Central