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Lumia 535 vs Lumia 530 vs Lumia 630

Comparison between Microsoft Lumia 530 vs Lumia 530 and Nokia Lumia 630
  • On November 11, 2014

Low-end Lumias: which is the best deal?

After announcing the Lumia 535 the low-end Windows Phone segment offers plenty of models to choose from. Today we are comparing the new Lumia 535, Nokia Lumia 530 and 630.


Microsoft Lumia 535 has the biggest screen and the thinnest profile of the three phones – 8.8mm against 9.2mm and 11.7mm for Lumia 630 and 530, respectively. Three IPS LCD displays have been used, but only the 630 and the 535 feature Gorilla Glass 3 protection. All phones come with removable backs in different colors, and microSD slots for up to 128 GB.


Although the Nokia Lumia 630 has a better processor (Snapdragon 400), the phone has less RAM than the new Lumia 535 which could be a problem while playing some resource consuming games. Lumia 535 comes with 1 GB of RAM, and is the first low class Lumia with such an amount of memory. Both Lumia 535 and 630 feature 8 GB internal storage, while the 530 has just 4 GB. A similar battery life can be expected from these three devices – a 1430 mAh battery for Lumia 530, 1830 mAh for Lumia 630 and 1905mAh for the Lumia 535.


While each of these Lumias has a 5MP rear camera, only the Microsoft Lumia 535 is equipped with LED flash. Furthermore, a 5MP wide angle camera (the same as Lumia 730) is found at the front of the 535, for good selfie photos. Lumia 630 and 530 don’t have front-facing cameras.


The Lumia 535 should go on sale in the next few weeks for the price of around 130 EUR which is a bit more compared with the other low-end devices (Lumia 530 can be found for 90 EUR, while Lumia 630 costs around 115 EUR) but for that price you get two 5MP cameras, double RAM, slimmer body, and a bigger screen. So, could the 535 become the best selling Lumia in 2015? There is a strong chance for that to happen.

What do you think about the first Microsoft Lumia?