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What to Look for in a Phone for an Optimal Mobile Gaming Experience

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  • On December 22, 2016

In a world where smartphones and tablets reign supreme, knowing which phone to get to maximize your mobile gaming experience and get the best value for your money is imperative.

And as much as the average quality of phone is far higher than it was five years ago, there are certain aspects and features that can make all the difference. Often, it is the combination of these specific features that determines how much we engage with and enjoy mobile games on the go.

So what exactly are these key features? We’re here to run you through three of the most important elements you should be looking out for when deciding on your next gaming phone (or tablet).

Lumia 930 Windows Phone 8.1 model

High resolution display

For many gamers, the look and feel of a mobile device is the deciding factor. It makes sense really, if you’re going to be spending your hard earned dollars on using this phone every day then you want it to look the part in every way.

High definition displays have never been more essential to get the best possible visual quality and gaming experience from mobile devices. This applies to almost all apps and programs that have been developed in recent years, whether you prefer to play action-packed MMORPGs or spend money on iGaming sites such as Betway. While the former require more graphics processing power, a HD display will ensure your betting experience is simple and fast on websites and apps like the latter. Look for a crisp display that has a good standard resolution with plenty of pixels and that is ideally HD-ready.

Full audio immersion

Just like top notch visuals, high quality audio also plays a huge part in forming an immersive mobile gaming experience for the mobile user.

There are a handful of brands out there – HTC, for instance – that are particularly known for their focus on sound quality. For all you audiophiles out there, these devices tend to make prime use of front-facing speakers that are optimally placed for the user’s listening purposes. So, whether you’re keen to hear every car engine in Need For Speed or every jackpot win on a casino app, you might be best off going for a device that brings high quality audio to the fore.

Assured performance

While it’s all well and good having a nice-looking smartphone that also sounds fantastic, the main thing for us is how the phone actually performs when running games. There are several key factors tied in with performance, namely processing power, RAM and battery.

People often get confused with the difference between processors and RAM, so let’s clear that up first. A strong processor is vital for lightning fast operations, so you can keep your game running smoothly and have it respond to your every click and command as it should. RAM (short for Random Access Memory) on the other hand is what allows you to store files and run multiple apps, tasks and programs at the same time.

In short, you ideally need your smartphone to have the combination of a strong processor and lots of RAM in order to ensure high quality and fast performance on your favorite games, no matter how demanding they are.

Last but not least…

An honorable mention – battery life!

Compared to other important functions, the battery life of many flagship mobile devices out there is often overlooked. Really, it should be considered as an important factor, particularly if you’re stuck between the choice of two devices.

Remember that if you’re planning to play mobile games that have weighty file sizes (and thus use more processing power and RAM), then you’re going to drain your battery a lot quicker than you would when you’re using your phone for other purposes. Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a really hard level on your favorite game, only to have the battery cut out a lot sooner than you thought it would. Don’t forget to check out the battery life before you commit to your final decision!