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Listonic aims to make your shopping smarter

Listonic aims to make your shopping smarter
  • On March 12, 2015

The shopping app gets new features

Listonic is a cross-platform app available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It provides free tools making your shopping experience less painful and time consuming. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the Windows Phone Store you will be prompted to create an account or sign-in with your Facebook credentials, but you can also use Listonic without logging-in. The benefits of creating an account include some extra features and synching between devices.

What does the app do? Listonic lets users create shopping lists and then add items to them. Products can be added from a quick smart list that includes the most popular items bought by users and their previous choices. Another option to add items is through the search section at the top. Start typing something you want to buy and Listonic will automatically suggest items to add.

Added items are automatically sorted by categories which will save your time in the Store. The app allows you to add prices for each individual item in the list to calculate spending. Start shopping and mark items you have bought to see them going to the ‘checked’ section. You can switch between checked and unchecked items by swiping left or right, which I definitely prefer as a method of navigation on a smartphone.

Listonic App on Windows Phone screens 2015

One of the app’s new features is the presence of smart tips about products people buy. How to keep groceries fresh, similar items, recipes, and other tips pop up on the screen like cards.

Overall, Listonic is a nice app with a clean and elegant UI and many features which should make the shopping easier. The app can be downloaded for free (available in English and Polish) on a Windows phone from this link.