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LG on the way to announce a 5-inch Windows Phone

LG Logo black

There is new evidence that LG is returning to the Windows Phone camp. AdDuplex’s CEO has tweeted that a new device codenamed D635 is on the way to be released. Though there are not many details on this handset we known it will be a mid-range device – the upcoming phone reportedly has a 5-inch screen with a 1080 x 720p resolution.

LG was one of the first Windows Phone manufacturers, but the Korean company did not leavea significantmark on the market. LG’s latest Windows Phone was Optimus 7 launched in 2010. Earlier this year Microsoft confirmed that LG is among the hardware partners with growing interest in developing new models. Since Microsoft announced WP8.1 update and no license fees for using platform more than 15 companies have reportedly started developing new devices.

LG is now one of key manufacturers on Android based models with record sales in the last quarter. One or more Windows Phones from LG would definitely help Redmond in attempts to make the platform more popular. Forthcoming news would give us more information on possible new Windows Phones.