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LG Display to develop fordable OLED screens for Microsoft

LG OLED foldable screen display

Microsoft is among the tech giants interested in foldable displays

LG’s investment of $1.75 billion in foldable display technology may lead to first mass-produced devices after 2018, according to information at The Electronic Times. Apple, Google and Microsoft, have reportedly teamed up with LG to bring the foldable OLED to the masses. These companies may be the first to launch devices incorporating LG’s foldable displays – a technology expected to enter mass-production sometime in 2018.

LG’s biggest rival, Samsung, has chosen a rather different business model – to develop its foldable OLED screens in house. In contrast, LG opens its doors by cooperating with some of the largest companies, hoping to secure a key advantage once the technology is ready to hit the market.

In the past few years, foldable screens have been demonstrated in many events, but they have not managed to reach the mass market due to a number of reasons. So far, the technology has been expensive and complicated, while the potential benefits – highly questionable. But LG Display might have came up with a solution to make the prototypes better, something that attracted companies to utilize foldable screens.

Microsoft may be exploring different designs for future Surface products, although there is no guarantee that such a device will be released in the next two years.