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Lenovo to release a high-end Windows Phone in 2013?

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According to WPDang, Lenovo is going to release its first Windows Phone before year’s end. The sources confirmed that the Chinese OEM is developing a 5-inch very high-end Windows Phone. The device has already got two codenames – Lenovo Aupres and Snoopy (by @evleaks). It is expected to have a quad- core processor, a 4.7 or 5-inch display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. WPDang reveals that the future smartphone will be priced around 3000 yuan or $490.

Lenovo was trying to release its first Windows Phone back in 2012. The testing device was equipped with Windows Phone 7 but Lenovo abandoned its plans, waiting for a better future. A few days ago, the popular former Engadget editor @evleaks has posted on its Twitter account a series of suspected new Windows Phone models. It seems that at the end of the year we could have new models from Nokia, HTC, Lenovo and Oppo. The new Lenovo handset is going to compete with the recently leaked Oppo smartphone with a similar high-end configuration.

Lenovo is one of the biggest OEMs in China and if the company joins the Windows family with a high-end smartphone, it would be a great boost for the Microsoft’s mobile platform. The success is also connected with the impending GDR3 which will enable support for more powerful processors and bigger screens.

Source: WPDang