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Is Your Gadget Spying on You?

Is Your Gadget Spying on You?
  • On January 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered how much of your personal data gets leaked? Recently, the Mozilla Foundation has presented its annual list or tech products most likely to lack security. Americans, who have been avidly cashing out on the fancy Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo Dot this holiday season, had better heed the expert opinions.

Does such a thing as absolute cybersecurity exist at all? The more we learn about our digital companions, the less probable it seems. Today, online threats go far beyond Trojan viruses. If you are into online games or gambling at NativeCasinos, you are no more susceptible to threats than anyone else. Simply install an antivirus. However, your portable smart devices may be silently feeding your sensible data to their developers – or hackers, in the worst-case scenario.

Convoluted Privacy Policies

This year, Mozilla Foundation’s “Privacy Not Included” features reviews for 70 devices that access the Internet. It is meant to help customers make informed buying decisions. Many smart device manufacturers fail to prioritize user privacy at all. As consumers, we should pay doubled attention to the fine print, considering the security and privacy policies that come with our hi-tech purchases. Here are some of the creepiest devices on the market rated as “Very creepy” or Super creepy”.

Creepiest Products

1. FREDI Baby Monitor

In theory, baby monitors are useful, helping parents to keep an eye on their adorable little ones. However, their cameras capture everything, which gets creepy quite fast. This very special baby camera has been repeatedly hacked, uses a “123” default password and there is no privacy policy available. Isn’t it scary?

2. Petcube Play
If you cannot stand being away from your beloved pet, this gadget was made for you. It is a two-way interactive camera with motion detection, night vision, and wide angles! Just place it in your home and watch your doggy. Talk to the pet and fling treats at him through a special app. Of course, all of these options mean that whoever hacks the camera will watch what is happening at your home 24/7.

3. Amazon Echo Show & Spot
This gadget shares your data with third parties for unexpected reasons, and its camera, microphone and location tracking may transfer data you would rather keep private. Devised as a video companion for your helpful Alexa speaker with Alexa, it shows you things while it talks to you, like song lyrics, weather forecasts, or your security cams.

The market of Internet-connected devices seems infinite. Now, there are smart kettles and irons, vacuum cleaners and robot pets. While appetites of consumers are increasing, so do the concerns of cybersecurity experts. It is essential to remember that all the convenient options that come with those hi-tech inventions may be turned against the buyers.