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How the iOS-ported Facebook apps can eat up your storage capacity

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Are Instagram and Messenger good enough?

As you probably know, Facebook is using its own software tools to port the existing apps for iOS to Windows 10, instead of developing native UWP apps as other companies like Viber, for example. Facebook already released official Instagram and Messenger (Beta) apps for Windows 10 Mobile and they are almost identical to the iOS counterparts in terms of design and features.

In terms of performance, these apps are great, much better than the old apps for Windows Phone 8.1. Once they are open in the background, they resume instantaneously, and they are pretty fast too.

However, I’ve noticed some things which bother me. First, the apps are pretty heavy and big. Even on high-end models like the 950s, they need more time to start than new UWP apps developed by other companies. Second, both Instagram and Messenger (Beta) use significantly more storage capacity on my phone than other apps.

Instagram and Facebook apps storage

Even with a light usage, since I installed both apps less two weeks ago, the Instagram app has taken 462 MB from the storage capacity of my Lumia 950, while the Messenger Beta has used 168 MB. That’s 630 MB for only two apps, for less than 2 weeks. Now, imagine if add the Facebook app and your phone has just 8 GB of storage capacity.

In short, it’s clear that the iOS-ported apps have some problems with the resource consumption and they can kill your internal storage rather quickly.

Have you noticed such problems with the Facebook apps on your smartphone? Let us know in the comment section below.