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A more intuitive approach to create folders coming to Windows Phone 8.1

App Folder for Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices

Since Windows Phone 8.1 launch in April this year we have a lot more customization options, but how do we create folders with individual apps on the Start Screen? The only way to do it is with an app called ‘App Folder’, introduced in late 2013. The app itself has a very limited functionality and it’s not intuitive at all, however, you can still pin folders with apps on the start screen.

According to NPU, the process of folders creation will change soon, and Windows Phone 8.1 will give you the ability to create folders by dragging and dropping favorite apps and their Live Tiles one over another.

After dragging and dropping a Live Tile on another Tile, the new folder is created and you can name it by tapping on it. Then you can drag and drop as many apps as you want, and these Live Tiles are added to the same folder on the start screen.

By tapping on the folder you will see all apps so you can open the app you want. To remove a folder you need to tap and hold or drag it to anywhere on the screen.

We don’t have information on when this feature will launch, but it could happen within two weeks, when the first devices should receive Windows Phone 8.1 & Lumia Cyan software updates.