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Intel afraid of Windows 10 coming to ARM processors

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x86 emulation infringes Intel patents, says Intel

In what appeared to be a normal blog post to salute the 40th anniversary of the x86 processor, Intel also mentions that emulating the technology on ARM may violate the company’s patents. Intel has not mentioned which companies enforced the intellectual property rights, only writing about ‘third-party microprocessors’.

There have been reports that some companies may try to emulate Intel’s proprietary x86 ISA without Intel’s authorization. Intel welcomes lawful competition, and we are confident that Intel’s microprocessors, which have been specifically optimized to implement Intel’s x86 ISA for almost four decades, will deliver amazing experiences, consistency across applications, and a full breadth of consumer offerings, full manageability and IT integration for the enterprise. However, we do not welcome unlawful infringement of our patents, and we fully expect other companies to continue to respect Intel’s intellectual property rights

But we know that Microsoft and Qualcomm will be launching the first ARM-based laptops in late 2017. Lenovo, Asus and other companies have already announced that they have an interest towards developing low-cost and always-connected PCs based on Qualcomm chipsets.

Windows 10 on ARM will include a WoW laler to emulate the x86 apps, which Intel seemingly claims to be unlawful infringement of patents.

Win32 emulation

Intel has abandoned its plans to develop a mobile microprocessor, so the company still relies heavily on the classic x86 processors for Windows and other platforms.

Both Qualcomm and Microsoft issued statements, writing that ARM-based Windows 10 computers are really coming this year, but without responding to Intel, nor mentioning anything about intellectual property.

Source: zdnet