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How to install Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

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  • On April 10, 2014

What is ‘Preview’ Program?

Preview for Developers program gives you an access to early updates, directly from Microsoft, before they become available for the general public. Using a small app, developers can bypass carriers and install the latest updates including Windows Phone 8.1 on their devices. Although the program is designed for developers, it can be installed from regular users if they open a free App Studio account.

Is this a beta?

Windows Phone 8.1 Preview is not a beta version. In fact, it is the same final build sent to manufacturers and carriers. When carriers roll out the update for the general public, you don’t need to install the update again, as you will be running the same build. Lumia Cyan and other specific carrier updates will be added to this version and roll out later. Lumia Cyan will deliver Nokia’s own tweaks and app changes. That means you will run a stock Windows Phone 8.1 for a while, before getting Lumia Cyan, once the update is finalized by Nokia.

Can I install it on my phone?

Yes, any device including HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV S and the low-end Lumia 520, 620 can get “Windows Phone 8.1 Preview”. Cortana personal assistant will be only available if you change your region to the US.

How to install Windows Phone 8.1:

1)      Open a free App Studio account .Sign In with your Microsoft email and name.

2)      Download and Install Preview for Developers app, sign in and enable preview for developers.

Preview for Developers program screens

3)      Scan for updates and install Windows Phone 8.1. Make sure you are running the latest OS release and your battery is fully charged. After a small preparation update, your phone will restart so you need to check for updates again. Then you will see the actual Windows Phone 8.1 Update.

Important notes

  • After you install a preview update, you may void any warranty from your mobile operator and OEM, so Microsoft has only limited liability if something goes wrong
  • Like any other update, users won’t be able to revert to the initial OS version

Watch the video below for more detailed explanation: