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Instagram for Windows Phone is finally here, several features missing

Instagram Beta for Windows Phone 8
  • On November 21, 2013

The photo-sharing service Instagram has finally launched its Windows Phone 8 app. Instagram was probably the longest awaited application missing on Microsoft’s mobile platform. Both Nokia and Microsoft have pressured Instagram enough to convince the developers that Windows Phone has a great potential. The service has recently reached 150 million active users and the official Windows Phone 8 app will help Instagram to capture new markets.

It seems that Instagram wanted to release the app as soon as possible though the current Beta version is not as capable as those available for Android and iOS. However, Instagram promises its Windows Phone app will be updated regularly with new features and improvements.

Instagram app screens

Instagram Beta for Windows Phone 8 enables you to post images and apply different photo filters. The first version shows limited capabilities compared with the apps for iOS and Android. For example, the Beta version doesn’t have a direct in-app camera support and video uploading. That means the photos need to be shot separately using the camera. If you press the camera button within the app, the default camera app starts. Anyway, the final result is quite the same.

Other missing features are video uploading (you can only watch) and the ability to tag people in photos. The map with geo-tagged photos is missing too. However, you are able to see all photos you are tagged in, or untag yourself through the Windows Phone 8 app.

If you need a full-featured Instagram app, you can try 6tag. It is an unofficial Instagram client, quite popular among Windows Phone users. 6tag is available here, while the official Instagram Beta can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store below.

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