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Instagram on Windows 10 phones now lets you to save posts in a private collection

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You can bookmark photos and see them later

Starting today, Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile is rolling out to a wider audience, introducing many new features to the Windows Phone fans. We have already told you about the improvements in Stories, Live Videos, Boomerang, Hands-free and Night mode. But Instagram also introduced to Windows 10 phones another new feature – the ability to save anyone’s pictures to your own collection.

In Instagram version 10.743.19450.0, you will find a bookmark icon on the bottom right of each post. Press on the icon and you will save the photo or video you want to remember in a private collection to see it later. You will also see a new, fourth icon for ‘Favorite Posts’ in your profile page, in addition to ‘Grid’, ‘List’ and ‘Photos of you’.

Saved Photos instagram

The new update of Instagram is currently live only for Windows 10 Mobile, while the PCs / tablets are still on the old version without Saved Posts and the other new features.