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Instagram adds lock screen support

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  • On March 21, 2014

Instagram Beta has been bumped to version 0.4 over the week as the company added support for lock screen integration. All WP8 users are now able to set photos from their home feeds or their own Instagram photos as backgrounds on the lock screen. Using a new app settings section you can control how Instagram integrates with the phone’s lockscreen. First the lockscreen integration needs to be turned on and then you select ‘home feed’ or ‘my feed’ in order Instagram images to be displayed. A small Instagram watermark is displayed at the top right corner of the screen.

As Instagram shows square photos (1:1), the app for Windows Phone reframes the images in order to fit your phone’s display aspect ratio (16:9 or 15:9). That would lead to not so perfect looking lock screen backgrounds but the new feature might come in handy as you would have one more option to personalize your Windows Phone handset.

Instagram Windows Phone lock screen

Instagram for Windows Phone is still in a beta version with limited functionality compared with the Android and iOS versions. You can grab the app from the link below.

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