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Importance of mobile phones recycling in 2020

Importance of mobile phones recycling in 2020
  • On November 25, 2020

The global electronic waste has increased tremendously in the last few years. Some smartphone companies have started producing more smartphones and categorised them to cover all the price segments. Smartphone recycling is essential, and we are witnessing an increase in the number of devices getting recycled.

As the world faces an economic crisis, many people have lost their jobs and facing financial difficulties. This situation has reduced people’s interest in buying new mobile devices. It makes recycling or reusing your old mobile phone a priority thing to do in 2020.

Mobile phones are considered as a hazardous waste in the environment as it contains flammable and poisonous components. A proper mobile phone recycling procedure is important for the safe disposal of toxic chemicals.

Benefits of mobile recycling:

Recycling of mobile and gadgets benefits everyone in two ways. It helps the owner as well as the environment. As people are facing financial struggles, one can earn a little extra money by recycling their old mobile. It can also help other people who are not able to buy brand new smartphones as they have become expensive.

Recycling is also a way to contribute to the environment. A lot of energy, precious metals are being used to create a new product, recycling can help save them. Some brands like Apple have removed plastics, chargers in the phone bundle to reduce the plastic and also to keep the phone costs down. By recycling, global e-waste can get reduced.

Ways in which you can contribute to create a better world:

There are three ways by which you can contribute to a cleaner and sustainable future. If one throws old electronic devices into the bin, all the valuable metals and the rare spare in a useable form gets wasted. Instead of tossing the old electronic devices into bins, one can do the 3R’s Reuse, Refurbish or Recycle. By this way, one can stop environmental degradation and help the needy people to get a device at a cheaper price.

1. Reuse:

Reuse is an act by which one can benefit from a mint condition old device with repairable damages. Most of the minor faults in an electronic device can get repaired at a reasonable cost, and the device will work properly. People can also buy second-hand and refurbished phones because they are less expensive when compared to the new handsets and also comes with a warranty. Reuse is the best option for people with low income and facing financial struggles.

2. Recycle:

Recycle is a way of contributing to the world by discarding the electronic wastes more safely. Smartphones and other electronic devices contain a wide range of metals and other valuable elements like gold. As the handset gets old, the spare parts are also hard to find in the market.

By recycling, all the essential parts can get sorted. Even working spare parts can get separated, which might find use elsewhere. Research shows that there are $50 million worth gold present in a million smartphones. Recycling also saves a lot of energy, which can get used for other living purposes.

3. Refurbish:

Refurbish is an act of using the usable parts of your old device. The main highlight of this process is that it consumes less energy than manufacturing a new one. People can also buy a refurbished mobile which is nothing but new but slightly repaired by the company itself. All brands provide refurbished devices on their website, but people fail to notice them. One can buy a previous generation refurbished device with a great deal.

Closing thoughts:

There are a lot of benefits from recycling an electronic device like economic and environmental. One must recycle their device before it is too late or gets damaged as the value of the device decreases with time. This e-waste recycling is a route by which everyone can make an individual contribution that creates a huge impact. At Rapid Phone Buyers, we deal in mobile phone recycling of all sorts. You can even consider selling old mobile phone to us. Contact us today to know more about our services.