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New images of the cancelled Nokia McLaren and Lumia 750

  • On November 8, 2016

Photos of unreleased Nokia/Microsoft smartphones

In 2013, Nokia was working on a powerful Windows Phone with 3D touch navigation codenamed ‘McLaren’. This phone was supposed to include a camera similar to that found in the Lumia 1020, but a more powerful processor and other hardware upgrades. The project was scrapped in 2014, but photos and hands-on videos of real prototypes have leaked several times since then. Now it’s time for official press-renders of the Nokia Lumia McLaren (Lumia 1030):

Nokia Lumia McLaren 1030 1040

source: @evleaks / Twitter

In addition to the McLaren, @evleaks also posted a photo of the unreleased Microsoft Lumia 750 – a device with an uninspiring look and specs. The Lumia 750, codenamed Guilin, was supposed to offer a 5-inch HD screen and a Snapdragon 410 processor. Ultimately, Microsoft decided to cancel both the Lumia 750 and 850, and present only one mid-range phone in 2016 – the Lumia 650 which could be the last Lumia ever.

Microsoft Lumia 750 cancelled

Unreleased Lumia 750 / photo by @evleaks