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HTC 8X smartphones face issues with GDR2 update

HTC 8X smartphones face issues with GDR2 update

A few days ago we reported that the GDR2 update has begun rolling out to some non-Nokia smartphones such as Samsung ATIV S and HTC Windows Phone 8X devices. This has been long-awaited by the users, but it seems that the GDR2 update is bringing some issues to HTC 8X.

The update includes new features like FM Radio, a new Data Sense feature, HTML5 improvements, as well as stability improvements for VoIP apps like Skype and Lync. It is expected that with the next update, GDR3, the operating system is going to get additional features such as an improved multitasking and new notification center.

GDR2 update brings problems to HTC 8X

Some HTC 8X users, however, have reported that they are having specific problems with their handsets after installing the GDR2 update. Even before the update, some of the users were complaining of having constant reboot issues. These issues were fixed with the Portico update. Now, many users are complaining that while playing media files their devices block permanently until reboot.

There are also other examples where updates for Windows Phone 8 have brought issues for the users. Such an example is the 1308 update for Nokia Lumia 920. In that case, after many complaints by users Nokia was forced to stop the update until it was fixed.

Source: Itechpost