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HP is working on a bigger Lap Dock for Continuum

HP Lap Dock 2017 prototype
Windows Phone Area

HP may unveil a new phone and a new Lap Dock in 2017

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, HP teased a prototype of a new smartphone that looked similar to the Elite x3, but had thinner bezels around the display. Microsoft’s key partner for Windows 10 Mobile devices in 2017 is expected to launch a consumer-oriented smartphone that costs less than the Elite x3.

According to Notebook Italia, HP is also working on a new accessory for Continuum-capable smartphones like Elite x3 and Lumia 950. Briefly displayed in Barcelona was a bigger Lap Dock without touchscreen, but with a larger keyboard and additional USB ports. The new Lap Dock may have up to 14 inch screen, compared with the 12.5-inch touchscreen display in the first version launched with the Elite x3 in 2016.

With Microsoft planning big improvements in Continuum along with the Composable Shell for Windows, HP may have seen the potential of the 3-in-1 market.

What do you think of the possible new products from HP?