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HP to re-enter the smartphone market with a Windows Phone 8 device?

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  • On September 14, 2013

HP is planning a comeback to the smartphone market with a brand new Windows Phone handset. HP has had a brief and unsuccessful record history with its models. The company released a couple of devices based on Windows Mobile and webOS, but none of them made an impact. Last year, we heard rumors saying that HP was going to re-enter the market with an Android device, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Now, a trusted source close to the German website Winfuture reports that HP is working hard to bring a new model on the market, and it will be a Windows Phone 8 device. Probably, it will be a post – GDR3 release and the future phone may pack a quad-core processor and a 1080p display. There is no timeframe mentioned, but this device could be launched as soon as the Windows Phone update is ready.

Without any doubts, HP is a company that delivers high-quality products. Yes, HP faced difficulties in the past, but according to many specialists, the company is capable in bringing a good smartphone at some point in the future. We are quite curious to see what is going to happen with these plans. Hopefully, we will have another OEM embracing the Windows Phone platform. We really need some competition here.

16/09/2013 Update: We received a short and clear statement from a source very close to HP: “This story is a fabrication and is not related to anything HP has in the works. Someone is making stuff up.”