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HP Elite x3 pre-orders are now open in the US and Canada

HP Elite x3
  • On August 23, 2016

Microsoft Store to start shipping the Elite x3 on September 12

The Microsoft Online stores in the US and Canada have both listed the HP Elite x3 for early orders, but the company will start shipping the smartphone to customers around mid-September. The business-oriented superphone costs $799 in the US and $999 in Canada, with a Desk Dock included in the price. HP’s own web site will also start taking pre-orders for the x3 on September 5.

Meanwhile, the possible launch of the x3 in Europe this week has been postponed to early September. Microsoft Store UK has changed the release date from August 22 to September 6, and the phone is no longer available for pre-orders on the online store.

Additionally, HP has revealed the pricing of some Elite x3 accessories. The passive stylus that will allow to write naturally on the screen costs just £8.40. HP is also selling a wireless charger for £46.80, glass screen protector for £8.40, as well as rugged, leather and silicone cases priced between £10 and £16.80.