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How to identify songs on Windows 10 (and Mobile)

How to identify songs on Windows 10 (and Mobile)
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Two ways to recognize songs on a Windows 10 device.

To identify songs you are listening to seems like an impossible task if you have a Windows 10 device in 2018. After Shazam pulled the plug on its Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile, and Microsoft discontinued the Cortana Music ID feature in December 2017, you may think that your Windows 10 device is useless crap as it can’t do something which other platforms do with ease. Fortunately, there are still ways to recognize music on a Windows 10 device. Here are two methods:

1. Using Shazam.

Shazam removed its Windows app from the store searches in March 2017, but the app still works if you have it on the device. Even if you removed Shazam, you can install it from this direct store link, or alternatively, you can go to Store → My Library, then find the Shazam app in the list and tap on the download button.


Shazam for Windows 10 is a web-based service, rather than a full-featured UWP app, but it works without issues.

2. Using Microsoft Edge.

Midomi is a website for music recognition aimed at Desktop computers, but you can also identify songs on a Windows phone. Just open the browser and type Click on the ‘microphone’ icon to start the music search. Allow midomi.сom to use your microphone – tap on ‘Always allow’. Wait a few seconds to see the result.

midori music search

You can pin the website to your Start screen for a quick access, or add it to favorites. Midomi is owned by SoundHound – a company who has an old Windows Phone app for music recognition. Unfortunately, the app crashes every time I tap the button to identify music.

So, even without a music recognition app in the Microsoft Store, you can still identify songs for yourself using at least two methods.