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How the Gaming Industry is Influencing the Fashion World

How the Gaming Industry is Influencing the Fashion World
  • On July 6, 2022

There are huge opportunities within the gaming industry for fashion houses and designers, and the merging of gaming and fashion in recent years has driven a huge shake up across both industries, alongside the exciting rise of a new group of people picking up a gaming console for the first time. This growth isn’t slowing down either, as more and more fashion houses start to implement video games into their marketing and brand identity strategies. In this article, we’ll be discussing how fashion brands have collaborated with game developers in recent years, and how they continue to push the limits on what is possible when these two worlds collide.

The Collaborations of Games and Fashion Houses

Perhaps the clearest example of how the gaming industry is influencing the world of fashion is the influx of fashion houses who place their virtual creations onto the backs of video game characters in a way that is revolutionizing how fashion is advertised in the current day. These popular collaborations are highly influential for players who can explore the intricate details of fashion within the realms of the online worlds that they are familiar with, leaving a huge opportunity for both the gaming and fashion industry to shape the future of their market.

The Rise of Fashion Brand-Owned Video Games

While the collaborations between fashion houses and video game developers are taking their respective industries by storm, there are some who take this concept a step further, and that comes in the form of fashion brands who are developing their own video game to display their collections. A striking example of this is Balenciaga’s Afterworld: The Age Of Tomorrow, which sees players travel through a world of Balenciaga-clad characters who place clothing at the forefront of a virtual reality.

The Increasing Accessibility of the Gaming Industry

One of the biggest reasons for the rise of gaming and fashion collaborations is the increasing accessibility of video games for a huge range of people. From the rapidly growing number of individuals with access to a smart device that can run complex games, to the increasing specification of video game consoles that make gaming an immersive and exciting experience, more and more people can enjoy the games and collaborations that fashion designers have taken advantage of in recent years. If you’re looking to get started playing fashion games, or you’re already a gamer but are wishing to branch out into a new area, you can find a fantastic Lenovo Gaming PC Setup that is customizable to your ability and gaming style, so there has never been a better time to get into the industry.

If you’re a fan of fashion, setting up a new gaming PC and playing fashion games is a great way to enjoy a new hobby while seeing new designs and products before anyone else. As more and more companies turn to these games to market their products, you will have access to new creations and concepts as soon as they are available, so this is a great time to pick up a PC and learn the ropes. For established gamers, it’s also a good way to branch out into a new area of interest to see how the fashion industry can bring an exciting new concept to your gaming PC.