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Hipstamatic Oggl: photo app for creative people

hipstamatic oggl windows phone app
  • On August 1, 2013

“a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography”

Oggl is a new photo app for Windows Phone. Launched last week, Hipstamatic Oggl has two versions – a regular, available for all Windows smartphones, and Oggl Pro – an exclusive version for the Lumia 1020.

Oggl allows you to create beautiful pictures applying five pre-set filters: sunset, nightlife, food, portrait and landscape. Users are able to experiment and preview the effect before the picture is taken or edit the photo afterwards, changing it as many times as they want. But Oggl is more than a photo editor. It is a photo community so you can save and share your favorite pictures creating a personal story. From the Share screen you can even post them to Instagram (officially), Twitter and Facebook.

hipstamatic oggl screens

Oggl comes with five basic filters, but you can add more features via the store. Among them are additional lenses and different film types. There are two subscription options available: quarterly for $2.99 or yearly for $9.99.

Hipstamatic Oggl Pro is the exclusive version for Nokia Lumia 1020. It is a more refined and sophisticated version of the app, enriched with full manual control of ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure time. Oggl Pro has also high-quality zoom and auto-level indicator. You can enjoy all gear for 60 days and then you need to pay a subscription fee. If you don’t want to pay you can use the basic version of Oggl for free.

You can grab Oggl here and Oggl Pro for the Lumia 1020 here from the Windows Store.