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Germany to win World Cup 2014, says Cortana

Germany to win World Cup 2014, says Cortana

Cortana correctly predicted all quarterfinals and semi-finals

Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana continues to impress all of us who watch the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, correctly predicting all winners of the matches in the quarter-finals and semifinals. After yesterday’s game between Argentina and the Netherlands, Cortana has 14 correct predictions in a row.

Cortana is now predicting that Germany is the new World Champion – she says “It’s too early to say for sure, but I’d give Germany the edge over Argentina”.

Cortana prediction for World Cup Final in Brazil 2014: Germany vs Argentina

Cortana’s predictions are based on a number of factors with different strengths which are all evaluated thanks to Bing search engine and complex algorithms. According to Bing Team, Cortana takes into account factors such as previous win/loss/tie results in the cup, results from qualification matches, margin of wins/losses, adjusted location factors and more.

Other factors are home field, type of the grass, weather prediction and proximity. Thanks to complex algorithms, Cortana gives us win/loss probabilities, guessing the winner of each game.

Cortana’s achievement to guess 14 games now beats the famous Octopus who correctly predicted all 8 elimination rounds during the tournament in Germany. Now, Cortana says that Germany is the next World Champion…