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How to fix the Lock Screen lag if installing the Live Lock Screens

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Some users who installed the new BETA app for animated lock screens have experienced serious lag issues when waking their Windows Phones from standby. The problem remains even after switching to the Standard screen and uninstalling the Live Lock Screen BETA app. The issue is that, when you try to wake the phone up, you will see the resuming screen for a couple of seconds before the Lock Screen appears.

Fortunately, there are two quick solutions fixing the problem:
1) Solution

Go to Settings -> Lock Screen and change your static lockscreen to ‘Bing’, then revert back to your previous lock screen.

2) Solution
Go to Settings -> Kid’s Corner

You should be asked to turn off the Lock Screen app in order to use Kid’s Corner. Press on ‘Turn off’ and the problem is resolved! Then turn off the Kid’s Corner.

What we know is that the lag doesn’t affect all Windows Phones and the Live Lock Screen app is yet in a BETA so it some glitches are expected. We hope to see significant performance and design improvements soon.

Live Lock Screen App for Windows Phones 8.1

The app, which debuted last week, offers 6 animated layouts that can be set as a default lock screen. There are several backgrounds you can choose from or you can use one of your own pictures in the camera roll.