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Fitbit gets many improvements for Windows Phones

Fitbit app windows phone
  • On October 24, 2015

A big update for the Fitbit app

The company has recently rolled out a major update to its Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile app. Besides all improvements described in the changelog, we can notice the new app is faster .

What’s new:

Challenges updated!

  • New Challenges Tab Design: we’ve updated the look of Challenges to make it easier to see your active challenges and create new ones.
  • Not sure how to begin with Challenges? We’ve got a new introduction to get you started.
  • Invite friends to join Fitbit when you create a Challenge
  • Battery Charging
    • Receive a notification when your Charge, Charge HR, or Surge is fully charged
  • All Day Sync Improvements (Windows 10 Only)
    • We’ve got a much improved background process. All Day Sync should be significantly more stable and provide a better user experience.
  • Bluetooth Improvements (Windows 10 Insiders Only, coming soon to official Windows release)
    • Windows 10 can now automatically pair devices during setup.
    • Updates to pairing and syncing between Windows and Fitbit trackers.
  • General
    • Design refinements.
    • Performance improvements and general fixes.
    • Feels faster.

Fitbit is a top app for tracking all-day activity, workouts and health. The app uses your phone’s data or connects to a Fitbit tracker to measure steps, calories, distance, weight, and more. Download the app for free from the store.