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Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 now supports ‘Messenger Day’

Facebook Messenger Update Store

Snapchat-like stories for Messenger on the Windows 10 platform

Facebook has enabled the ‘Messenger Day’ feature on the Windows 10 app for PC and Mobile via a server update. However, right now you can only post, but not see other stories in the app. Theoretically, you will be able to share disappearing photos and videos with select friends (or everyone), which shows up at the top of the Messenger inbox – My Day. The feature is similar to Instagram Stories, another Snapchat-clone feature integrated into popular social apps.

Facebook Messenger

the feature in action on iOS

How it works?

Create a post and tap the at the bottom right. Tap ‘My Day’ to post it on the wall for everyone, or select a contact to send it as a message. You can choose who can’t see ‘My Day’ from the audience controls in Settings. Remove your or someone’s day post from the inbox by tapping and holding on it.

Messenger Day should be rolling out to everyone on Windows 10 in the coming days. No Store update is required to get the Stories.

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