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Exploding Tiles coming to Windows 10 Mobile?

Exploding Live Tiles
  • On December 11, 2014

Microsoft is experimenting with ‘McLaren’ features on Windows 10

Microsoft’s 3D Touch technology and Nokia ‘McLaren’, a smartphone prototype with innovative UI, have been put on hold and might not be released as originally planned, but some of the McLaren features will live on in Windows 10 Mobile, according to internal sources close to Microsoft.

Windows Central reveals that a new Live Tile system called ‘Exploding Tiles’ will be part of Windows 10 Mobile (or Windows Phone 10). These tiles were planned for McLaren’s 3D environment but they have been adapted to work on traditional Windows smartphones. The original Evolving Tiles concept tested on McLaren would give you the ability to expand a Tile when pressing in the air (without touching the screen), with up to 8 smaller tiles with additional options. A picture posted by Tom Warren in July revealed what these exploding Live Tiles look like.

An insider has told WC that the current UI is a system with a number of smaller actionable tiles popping up when tapping on the bottom right corner of the main Live Tile. This new Live Tile system (if becomes part of Windows (Phone) 10) could improve the user experience in many ways. In addition to showing more information, users could perform tasks like check-in on Facebook and controlling music without opening the main apps.

Microsoft is expected to provide details about core aspects of Windows 10 for Phones in a special event in late January 2015.

Source: Windows Central