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The End Of An Era – Microsoft Concludes Windows 10 Mobile Updates

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  • On August 20, 2019

And so another era comes to a close. Windows announced that their mobile 10 version will come to an end by December 2019. This includes updates as well as support from customer services. Upon hearing the news, many were concerned if they would still have access to notorious sites like Novibet Casino or downloadable applications. As one can imagine, there was plenty of concern at the beginning of the year when the cat was let out of the bag.

Microsoft had announced in 2017 that they would no longer be developing new apps for Windows 10, which would lead one t make the assumption that the version of Windows will eventually be rolled out to a close. The announcement was made that security updates for the software will end on the 10th of December, meaning all further progress using the version of Windows will be unstable. This is the final version of Microsoft and naturally there are many questions from users.

To put some concerns to bed, Microsoft publicly announced that they would advise Windows mobile users to move onto iOS or Android mobile devices as the applications built for these phones will gradually begin to fall away until there is eventually no feature to even recover stored photos. They plan to keep these features, photo uploads and restoring features active for up to a year after the version is concluded, to allow users time to allocate their images accordingly.

While many were caught unaware, the more tech savvy put two and two together when Microsoft shut down Windows 8.1 which led them to make the assumption 10 would be next and perhaps even the final version for mobile users.

So what does this mean for Microsoft?

Microsoft has said to be focusing their creative talents on designing and developing applications and other services for both iOS and Android mobile devices, ultimately urging Windows mobile users to choose between the two software platforms. There will be an Android mobile version of Windows to mirror support so chances are many will move into the direct of Android mobiles.

Most owners have said to have already made the move having had enough time to make the transition. Thankfully Microsoft has prepared all owners and created the perfect platform for mobile users to easily make the transition from Windows to iOS or Android. The two platforms have been designed to give users familiarity and the support service from Windows makes up for any inconveniences one may encounter.

Windows has dedicated years to users and been one of the biggest software giants in the industry. However, their mobile platform which was dedicated to Windows users exclusively proved to be smaller than their competitors. With a promising future up ahead, there is no doubt that newer applications, services and software from Microsoft will prove to be useful and user friendly. The brand knows how to deliver quality service and interactive apps while keeping their work mainstream for all users to better understand.