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Early concept video for Lumia 950 shows interesting unreleased features

Pen support lumia 950

Pen support, more detailed Glance screen, Active Sides, more

A leaked marketing video for the Lumia 950 and Lumia XL shows how Microsoft envisioned the flagship phones sometimes in early 2015, months before they were announced in October 2015. It turns out that Microsoft had planned many interesting features for its flagship Windows 10 phones, which for one or other reason did not make their way to the final production versions.

The designs of the concept phones in the video look very similar to the final versions, with only subtle differences. But Microsoft planned a Pen for the phones, and it’s similar to the Surface Pen we currently know. In the video you can see how the Pen can be used in OneNote and the drawing syncs to another Windows 10 device.

Microsoft was also working on a feature called Active Sides – it would automatically keep the display on when held in the hand. Another unreleased feature for the Lumia 950 line was the Smart Cover – compatible with the Glance Screen.

We doubt that all these features would have saved Windows 10 Mobile without further efforts from Microsoft, but Pen support might have made a difference. But Microsoft may have continued to work on these and other new features for the upcoming ‘Surface Phone’… who knows…

Source and Video credit: Windows Central