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The Creators Update is already running on half of the Windows 10 devices

Windows 10 Creators Update

50.1% of the PCs are running Windows 10 Creators Update

The latest Windows device stats report is out, published by AdDuplex. It reveals that more than half of the active Windows 10 PCs are running the latest official update – Creators Update. The report is based on information from 5,000 Store apps running the AdDuplex SDK, so it’s considered to represent an accurate picture of the Windows Device market.

In July 2017, the update released in April is already installed on 50.1% of the PCs in use, according to AdDuplex.

Looking at the Creators Update distribution by country, we can notice that Germany, Canada and USA are somewhere between 50% and 60%, while in China the latest major version of Windows 10 has a share below 40%.

It’s also interesting to see the Creators Update by OEMs. MSI, a company known with its gaming laptops, is around 65%, while Toshiba and Sony are close to 40%:

The July report also reveals the popularity of the different Surface products. Surface Pro 4 is the most popular Surface with 40.8%, followed by Surface Pro 3 with a 24% share. The new Surface Laptop gains 2 percentage points to reach 0.6%, while the Surface Book has a 7% share (of the Surface market).